Thursday, June 5, 2014

sunflower fun charity cupcakes

we donated a box of these pretties for the sunflower fund charity ball 2014 like we did in the previous years!

respected readers we have been experiencing problems with blogger deleting pics that have been uploaded we apologize for this inconvenience please contact me on zmotz1@gmail to view any pics urgently and we are trying to recover pics that have been deleted.
thank you for your patience!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Braeside wedding peacock wedding!

Candace the beautiful bride i did this set up for contacted me last year to do her peacock themed wedding cake. When we met she asked me if il do a candy table set up for her at the gorgeous Braeside venue in Ballito. the colours were purple cream royal blue amd gold. The table was a glass table the venue provided we used mirrors and glass jars which added an elegant look to this table!

the table included almond rocka,fererro, rochers, sugar almonds, sugar peanuts macarons, cake pops and wedding cake!

 cake pops for the kids
 yummy sugar peanuts
 and almonds
 we added a little frame to tie in the theme and a pretty crystal gold candle!
 this was the wedding cake peacock inspired
 yummy macarons by chillichocolate chefs

thanks for popping by!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Mad Hatter bridal Tea Party

 We were asked to create a bright and fun bridal shower mad hatter tea party.Our client a young pediatrician left it all to us,which excited me. We did have a few glitches as the venue changed to the gorgeous green with envy restaurant so we had only an hour to set up before the guests arrived. I did not want a typical madhatter theme so i used bright an zany colours with lots of rabbits, quotes and a few hints of a typical mad hatter tea.
 im lucky to find these cute rabbits which i used everywhere i did my normal mad hatter styled cupcakes with all the usual stuff on them.
 i had alot of fun doing artwork to pull in the theme!
 These mini cupcakes were very simple for people to enjoy but i did make cute rabbit toppers to suit our theme.

 i love vintage and i could no resist bringing in a few aspects of it like my little tea set and the cute handpainted cookies .

we pulled some elements onto the tables to take the theme through. i added lots of typical alice in wonderland quotes as you cannot have a madhatter tea party without them!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

IMG_2333 by {zalita}
IMG_2333, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

We had lime mint crush and Iced pomegranate cooler to greet the guests at the entrance!

bottles of colour

bottles  of colour by {zalita}
bottles of colour, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

table decor

cluster by {zalita}
cluster, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

we grouped up gorgeous coloured bottles in varying sizes and popped gorgeous flowers in them for the tables the guests sat at!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

bohemian style candy bar

bohemian style candy bar by {zalita}
bohemian style candy bar, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

We were blessed to have a gorgeous garden venue and guests were requested to wear fancy hats (we were pleasantly surprised with the creativity of the guests).

The weather report promised rain, just after i took this pic it started to drizzle! we quickly covered up, thankfully 5 minutes later it was bright and sunny again (the joys of living in Durban) in the end we had the most gorgeous weather and loads of fun!

Besides loads of savory starters, a main course of savory rice and portugese braai'd chicken, amazing array of salads and cakes desserts we had this bar with some of our favorites.
Bor (a sweet and sour indian fruit which is mixed in a kind of syrup sugar and vinegar yum my fav) aamli sweets (another indian sweet called tamarind) lindt puffs, romantics, biscotti, homemade marshmallows, cake pops, nougat mini eclairs and more .

The guests enjoyed taking home treat bags from this table as we really had too much food lol
il post some yummy foodie pics soon!

bunches of prettiness

bunches of prettiness by {zalita}
bunches of prettiness, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

flowers make everything prettier, we opted for bunches of hydrangeas,roses and carnations. (i normally would have never used carnations but bunched up they look really pretty and suited our themed perfectly) i would have rather had peonies but sadly the market had none!

mini eclairs

mini eclairs by {zalita}
mini eclairs, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

these mini eclairs were the perfect mouthfuls to go with TEA and they looked so gorgeous in their sorbet colours! As you can guess they were gone up in a flash :)

bohemian style candy bar

bohemian style candy bar by {zalita}
bohemian style candy bar, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

as promised here are the pics from our 50th bohemian style party.


Monday, September 30, 2013

a sneak preview!

We celebrated a 50th suprise birthday party this weekend it was for a very special person in Chillichocolate chefs and my life. We wanted to spoil this special person with stuff that we knew she would love and appreciate. We Had a fun spring theme with a fancy Hats as part of the dress code and did we have a blast! i promise to be back with lots of gorgeous pictures and juicy details so watch this space...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ivory and gold

ivory and gold by {zalita}
ivory and gold, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

the idea cakes and cupcakes were by zalita of cupcake dlights

shabby chic

shabby chic by {zalita}
shabby chic, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

the idea for this table, cake,cupcakes,chocolates were designed by zalita of thecandbardurban.

30th birthday party

nooreens function by {zalita}
nooreens function, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

i designed this candy bar which was for a gorgeous 30 year old. venue pearl room oyster box.

shabby chic engagement

shabby chic engagement by {zalita}
shabby chic engagement, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

i was asked by a sweet girl who found me on the internet to do her engagement for 20 people, i did 2 tables and a small simple candy buffet. she gave me free reign to do as i wish so i surprised her yesterday as she knew nothing of the colours details etc:) i did a coffee cake and some vanilla choc chip cupcakes as well and all the decor was items i collected or made up for her engagement. i really enjoyed doing it and my wonderful sister in law (who is down on holiday) helped me all the way:)

wedding candy table

wedding candy table by {zalita}
wedding candy table, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

zainab of chilli chefs got married two months back. we designed this pretty vintage candy bar for the guests to enjoy. we provided yummy treats like lindt meringue puffs,biscotti,almond rocka,nougat,pop corn,macarons,cupcakes,mallows,candy and an array of scrumptious delicacies. at the end of the day all of it was gone which pleased us tremendously. we will upload more pics of the cakes and other details soon.

tea party

tea party by {zalita}
tea party, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

i hosted a going away tea party for my cousin she relocated to Abu Dhabi in August. i really miss her...

the food ,and desserts were by my cousins chillichocolate chefs and the cake n pops by me. i styled this using things i had around the house but kept it sweet and simple. i wanted my flowers to look like they have been gathered from the garden here which i why i did not get florist arrangements.

hot air balloon

hot air balloon by {zalita}
hot air balloon, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

My Baby turned one and i decided to host a small family lunch for those who love my kids and I. I decided to keep the theme simple and elegant and focus on some little details. i chose a hot air balloon theme and kept the colours blues whites with hints of green. i custom designed paper hot air balloons which i hung from the ceiling with some cute fluffy white pom poms. i also designed a hot air balloon cake topper and used paper flags on the desserts. for the desserts i had a yummy coffee cake,mini chocolate eclairs,pecan tarts,chocolate balls,chocolate covered nougat and some yummy breath 'sweetners' romantics. i kept the desserts simple as i served ice cream as well as a full lunch. I love simple elegant designs which are not too fussy yet are equally pretty.

birdcage cake

birdcage cake by {zalita}
birdcage cake, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

the gorgeous birdcage cake was a lindt choc mud cake filled with a lindt choc buttercream and covered with fondant decorations.

cake pops

cake pops by {zalita}
cake pops, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

these clever unique cake pops were designed by us and are custom made to suit your theme. these yummy lindt pops are covered in the yummiest lindt chocolate.

mini birdcage cupcakes

mini birdcage cupcakes by {zalita}
mini birdcage cupcakes, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

these custom designed birdcage mini cupcakes were perfect for the wedding dessert bar we set up.

wedding lunch dessert bar

wedding lunch candy table by {zalita}
wedding lunch candy table, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

We were asked to set up a dessert table for the sister of Miss S.A india Sheina kiyara gokool. Sheina and her sister have the most amazing place in hillcrest and they host gorgeous weddings at their venue. The sisters went for stunning black and white with pops of colour as their decor and had fun elements like a ribbon curtain, birdcages, lots of bright flowers, and windmills to tie in the theme. We set up a pretty simple dessert table to go with their theme, we provided cake pops,mini cupcakes, cookies a birdcage mud cake with lindt chocolate ganache. The sisers had a seperate candy table with lots of yummy sweets to entice their guests. we decided to bring in our own fun elements to add to this table as the wedding had a relaxed fun feel to it.

Hannah's 1st birthday

Hannah's 1st birthday by {zalita}
Hannah's 1st birthday, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

we custom made Hannahs bunting which will be a keepsake and memory of her first birthday.

Hannah's first birthday cake

Hannah's first birthday by {zalita}
Hannah's first birthday, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

Hannahs mum specifically asked to keep the cake simple but cute. we added a pretty bunting and a small lala bird which appeared on the cookies as well.

hannah's first birthday

hannah's first birthday by {zalita}
hannah's first birthday, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

The candy bar was asked to cater for a sweet little girls first birthday party, the party was hosted at the gorgeous Audacia Manors ascot room in essenwood. Due to the venue being so perfect Hannah's mum decided to keep it simple and let the venue's decor and garden set the scene. We used pretty pinks, sorbet colours with pretty prints and a cute little lala bird here and there. We provided a yummy two tier chocolate mud lindt cake, cookies,cake pops,mallows ,cupcakes and yummy macarons as the desserts. Chilli chocolate chefs provided divine canape's for the birthday as well.