Friday, October 26, 2012

Zoe candy table-

Zoe candy table- by {zalita}
Zoe candy table-, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

cakes cupcakes and artwork by cupcake dlights by zalita

princess Zoe's cake table

princess Zoe's cake table by {zalita}
princess Zoe's cake table, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

princess Zoe"s first birthday candy bar

chanel function

chanel function by {zalita}
chanel function, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

for a gorgeous ladies 30th.

2010-08-05 baby shower

2010-08-05 baby shower by {zalita}
2010-08-05 baby shower, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

juicy details

baby shower

baby shower 026-2 by {zalita}
baby shower 026-2, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

a simple baby welcoming.

The candy bar styled a party for sweet Muhammad Ali's first birthday. His gorgeous mum's brief tp us was blues,greens, elegance, polka dots and stripes. His mum specified that she wants small juicy details but didnt want to focus on one specific theme. We  included the mums requests but decided to take it a little further by including the vw van and beetle in subtle ways like on the artwork,the cookies etc.Muhammad Ali's mum also found gorgeous patchi chocolates that suited out theme beautifully.  The table included a lindt choc mud birthday cake, vanilla cupcakes with chocolate fondant toppings, vanilla cookies with chocolate fondant details, assorted patchi chocolates, cake pops macarons,hersheys kisses.  All styling and art work  was done by zalita, cake, cupcakes and cookies by cupcake D'lights and cake pops macarons and assorted petit desserts we done by chillichocolate chefs.


Friday, October 19, 2012

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