Thursday, October 17, 2013

bohemian style candy bar

bohemian style candy bar by {zalita}
bohemian style candy bar, a photo by {zalita} on Flickr.

We were blessed to have a gorgeous garden venue and guests were requested to wear fancy hats (we were pleasantly surprised with the creativity of the guests).

The weather report promised rain, just after i took this pic it started to drizzle! we quickly covered up, thankfully 5 minutes later it was bright and sunny again (the joys of living in Durban) in the end we had the most gorgeous weather and loads of fun!

Besides loads of savory starters, a main course of savory rice and portugese braai'd chicken, amazing array of salads and cakes desserts we had this bar with some of our favorites.
Bor (a sweet and sour indian fruit which is mixed in a kind of syrup sugar and vinegar yum my fav) aamli sweets (another indian sweet called tamarind) lindt puffs, romantics, biscotti, homemade marshmallows, cake pops, nougat mini eclairs and more .

The guests enjoyed taking home treat bags from this table as we really had too much food lol
il post some yummy foodie pics soon!

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